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Fitolacca Piazza del Campidoglio

Stage n° 2

Listen to the Pokeweed podcasts while you are in front of the Tree, or while you are walking to the next Stop.

I Podcast

Emiliano Paoletti Pannunzi, Botany, Ecology, and Symbology

Arianna Fusco, stories and mythology

Roberta Petronio, culture and sociality

Martina Cardillo, astronomy


Serving Size: 75.12 in. diameter Condition: Excellent
Location: Roma, Lazio, Italia Estimated this year:

Carbon Dioxide Uptake, Carbon Sequestered 1,38 lbs;

CO2 Equivalent 5,05 lbs;

Storm Water Mitigation, Runoff Avoided 2.260,71 gal;

Rainfall Intercepted 14.886,95 gal

Air Pollution Removal, Carbon Monoxide 0,53 oz; Ozone 40,13 oz
Nitrogen Dioxide 13,82 oz;  Sulfur Dioxide 0,5 oz; PM 3,47 oz;

Avoided Energy Emissions, Carbon Dioxide 41,32 lbs;

Carbon Monoxide 0,66 oz; Nitrogen Dioxide 0,14 oz;

Sulfur Dioxide 1,58 oz; PM 0,23 oz

Carbon Dioxide Uptake, Carbon Storage 8.843,14 lbs;

CO2 Equivalent 32.424,85 lbs

Benefit estimates are based on USDA Forest Service research and are meant for guidance only. Visit to learn more.